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Full digital marketing services ranging from graphic design, campaign creation, SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, SMS marketing, viral referral campaigns & more.


E-Commerce Solutions curated to grow
or start our online selling journey

Web App & Development

We are specialists in web and application design from start to finish with the added benefit of ensuring that your website keeps working for you, even when you are asleep.


Our in-house photography and video studio which is used to create unique content for video ad campaigns, interview content, product imaging, and motion graphics.

The studio is also available for hire by creatives from a diverse range of professions such as visual artists, influencers, stylists, fashion designers, and filmmakers.

IT & Security

Security & stability is central to our service.
We offer hosting, security solutions, server & site maintenance, and more.

Graphic Design,
Visual Communication
& PowerPoint Production

We are specialists in branding. Utilising all the latest tools to make your brand stand out above the rest. We are also leading experts in PowerPoint and document production. Making your boring PPT presentations come to life.

CRM Solutions

Full ERP & CRM solutions for scaling
or starting businesses.


Make insights available to anyone, anywhere,
at any time – transforming it into valuable insights and decisive actions that allow you to constantly innovate and stay competitively relevant.

Our team of digital wizards work in an open plan and free-thinking environment allowing for the fusion of diverse skillsets that delve deep into the digital realm, where modern business thrives most optimally.

About us

Dahab Consulting was founded on the knowledge and experience of our team’s abilities to dive deep into the often-overwhelming complexities of successful digital solutions for growing businesses to reach their full potential.

The Blue Hole is a deep, natural sinkhole in the Gulf of Aqaba, just north of the South Sinai tourist town of Dahab. It is considered to be one of the most significant natural landmarks in Egypt.

Geologists believe that this submarine sinkhole formed thousands of years ago during the melting of the last ice age. It has a maximum depth of around 120 meters (390 feet) and is lined by a near-vertical reef wall.

This miraculous natural phenomenon symbolises our commitment to the understanding of business fundamentals and translating it into digital success to transform and grow your operation with ahead-of-the-curve full-circle solutions.

Our mission is to become a player to service cross-global customers, with the latest and secure technologies to compete and stay competitive in today’s digital era.


Breach the surface of great marketing and digital tactics and discover the deep underlying secrets of great business practice.

We are a full-service IT solutions, digital marketing, business communication services and e-commerce firm with the ability to transform your digital strategy, maintain its day-to-day effectivity, and help you grow consistently.

Our excellent reputation, diverse technical team, and creative flair allow us to implement the high-performance digital services you need to take your great business and share it with the world seamlessly and effectively.

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